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Pizza Ad Project

    2019. Pizza Ad tear off add
    Illustrator and Photoshop.

    Using the tear off, or “take one”, ad as a departure point, I started by drawing variations on rectangular tear off strips:


    Then I got the idea to try this as a pizza ad with a pie shaped circular tear off:

    I took that idea and worked up a draft in Illustrator:

    However, this left no clear option for the whole ad to be hung up and stay structurally intact as slices were removed. I had to bring the rectangular shape back as a frame so that the ad could hang on a wall and not fall apart.

    This was my first attempt to solve this, but this solution still left the problem that the ad made no sense once all the strips were removed. This is in fact a common problem with the tear-offs in my neighborhood. Once all the tear-offs are pulled off what is left are the fragments still taped to lightposts with incomplete messages like “Need a Painter?” and “Good Housekeeper.” While I could draw the solution, I still couldn’t see how to construct the tear off to reveal another background image that kept the original message intact.

    This was solved by making the ad in two pieces and gluing these together (but not gluing down the area where the tear off pieces were.)

    1) the back piece would be a complete and unperforated version of the ad with the pizza place logo. By itself this piece would function as a complete ad and not looked ripped when all the strips were removed.

    2) the front piece would have the all the visuals from the back piece as well as perforated tear off pizza pie slices. The outer edge of the pie would line up with the outer edge of the logo to obscure the cutlines around the pie when all the slices were removed.

    Printing this on card stock means that once removed the wallet-sized tear offs function as a business card or even punch card for the pizza place.

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