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Altered Doll Project

    2015. Rosemary’s Baby prop.
    talking baby doll, LEDs, LED controller, plastic wood, FIMO clay, acrylic paint, fake fur, 13″ long.

    For a Halloween-themed movie party, the feature film was Rosemary’s Baby (1968). In the movie, we never see the baby. I was asked to create the baby as a prop for the party, with the caveat that the baby could not be grotesque and had to be “cute.”

    I found a used talking baby doll on eBay and took it apart. The eyes were drilled to allow for the placement of blinking red LEDs. These were attached to a potentiometer to create a fade effect. Ears were built up into points and horns sculpted in plastic wood and FIMO clay. The baby doll was painted as were the baby bottle and spoon that came with the doll. Fake fur was glued onto the arms and legs.

    For the party, the doll was staged in a box draped in black fabric to look like the bassinet in the movie.

    The movie night was within days of Halloween and for Halloween night, the doll was put in a baby carrier and taken out in the neighborhood:

    added baby carrier for Halloween

    Halloween in the neighborhood


    Rosemary’s Baby Video
    I didn’t touch the baby doll’s original voice box as it turned out to be effective:

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