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Chameleon Wingtip Project

    2019. Photoshop. 11” x 17”

    This was for a class assignment to combine an animal with a shoe while balancing the composition so that it gave equal weight to both the shoe and the animal. I’ve always liked the look of wingtips and combining this type of shoe with a chameleon seemed like a good choice because the basic body shape of the lizard mirrored that of the shoe.

    Actually making this work was a real challenge. The chameleon in this rendering is actually a composite of four different animals. Toward the end of the project I opened the mouth and that ended up using parts from another animals as well as careful slicing of the original image to create the open mouth. Walking away from Photoshop and doing a contour drawing helped to make sense of all the different parts of this image.

    Finding a suitable backdrop took awhile as well. The background couldn’t compete with the subject, but the subject was so odd it wasn’t clear to me for awhile whether to treat it as an object or a creature. The rock ledge struck a nice balance between object display surface and a surface a reptile might be found on.


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